That Little Blue Police Box

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Let me tell you about the ladies of Discworld



They are police, soldiers, teachers, journalists, scientists. They are fashion models and film stars. They are landladies, housekeepers, cooks. They are exotic dancers and sex workers. They are animal rights, social, labor activists. They are gender rebels. They are community leaders and world leaders. They are heroes- the kind with swords- and hairdressers. They are wives and fiancees and girlfriends and happily single, matriarchs and mothers and happily celibate. They are noblewomen and apprentices. They are musicians, artists, authors. They are chain-smokers and health enthusiasts. They wear dresses. They wear armor. They wear stiletto heels and sensible boots. They are in charge. They are behind the scenes. They are fat, thin, tall, short, young girls and old women and everything in between.

And they all, each and every one, kick ass.


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